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We bring union and harmony to each encounter and when our inner world begins to change, our external world changes to reflect our new perspective

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In our clinic DR. PHYSIO we could qualify the practices of Pilates and Yoga as an awakening of the body and mind, since these practices are much more than just the execution of postures. We offer an integral way to experience wellness and connect with our inner self. Our classes will help you move from fear to love, and from separation to unity. Pilates and Yoga improve physical condition, but above all they connect us to our spirit. These practices are a personal spiritual journey to our being and to our inner self…

At DR. PHYSIO Clinic, the purpose of Pilates and Yoga practices based on consciousness and health is to integrate and balance all aspects of our lives so that our body, mind, emotions and soul flow in harmony. As we expand our consciousness through practice, we become more able to perceive all the beautiful abundance that life has to offer.

Eventually these tendencies (Pilates and Yoga) become something we live, and not just something we practice. The inevitable pressures of life are having a greater or lesser impact on us; and thanks to the practices of Pilates and Yoga we are able to respond in a calmer and more conscious way. As we become more balanced, interactions with people and situations become consequently calmer and more relaxed.

We bring unity and harmony to every encounter; and when our inner world begins to change, our outer world will change to reflect our new perspective.

It is important to note that our DR. PHYSIO Clinic has instructors trained to go beyond a physical practice in Pilates and Yoga.  In our classes we cover processes such as:

  • Pilates and Guided Meditation
  • Hypopressive
  • Breathing methods
  • AeroYoga mobility
  • Acroyoga
  • Yoga for couples
  • Pilates and Yoga for pregnant women
  • Yoga and Pilates for kids
  • Family Yoga
  • Facial Yoga
  • Ballet fitness



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